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Creating test plans with MeeGo Testplanner

Testplanner is a simple UI tool for creating and maintaining test plans and cases. It is being developed for MeeGo testing but is publicly available for all who wish to use MeeGo QA tools. This article presents the features and usage of the tool that can be considered as the first link in the MeeGo test management toolchain.

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MeeGo Fast Feedback Testing Hands-on

MeeGo Fast Feedback Testing is a tool intended for developers wanting to test their source code automatically on the target device running MeeGo. The purpose is to provide a tool that a developer can easily install on his own workstation.

While I’m part of MeeGo QA Tools team, I have not participated in the development of this particular software. That makes me a good candidate for trialling it. I plan to have a setup shown below running by the end of this exercise.

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How to do host based testing part 2

In this this post I’ll go through how do host based testing in a more user friendly way – than described in the previous post – using testrunner-ui to execute the tests. If you haven’t taken a look at it – I would suggest to do so since I’m referring to it quite often in this post.

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How to do host based testing part 1

On this post I will go through setting up environment, image creation and some basic test packaging to show how you can do host based testing on MeeGo running in Nokia N900. Although I’m using N900 as the device under test, this can be also done with other devices too. The idea is to take some existing tests for MeeGo, put them in an image and execute the tests from a host machine through ssh. This could be done in a simpler way but I’m doing this as an hands-on-example in a similar way how open test system (OTS) does automated testing to illustrate that test automation is not black magic, etc. Of course this example is lacking full automation present in OTS but should give some idea on what it does behind the scenes anyway. You need to have Linux to try this. I’ve tested it with Ubuntu 10.10 but it can also be done with other Linux distributions.

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Welcome to the MeeGo QA-tools team blog

We had a brief discussion about MeeGo QA-tools related blogging among the developer team today and decided to create this blog. Previously I’ve written a few QA-tools related post in my personal blogs here and here. People writing things on their own is good but we think that in this case having a blog for the whole team is better. This way we’ll be able give a wider perspective to testing and QA-tools from a single place.

I’ll be starting a series of blog posts on how testing is done in MeeGo and how to run tests in your own setups. I’ll also write updated versions of the QA related posts in my personal blogs to this blog, just to get everything under the same roof. In addition to that I heard that there’s going to be some informative post(s) about the open test system (OTS) available in the near future. We’ll get started with those and see where this thing goes from there.


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