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Welcome to the MeeGo QA-tools team blog

We had a brief discussion about MeeGo QA-tools related blogging among the developer team today and decided to create this blog. Previously I’ve written a few QA-tools related post in my personal blogs here and here. People writing things on their own is good but we think that in this case having a blog for the whole team is better. This way we’ll be able give a wider perspective to testing and QA-tools from a single place.

I’ll be starting a series of blog posts on how testing is done in MeeGo and how to run tests in your own setups. I’ll also write updated versions of the QA related posts in my personal blogs to this blog, just to get everything under the same roof. In addition to that I heard that there’s going to be some informative post(s) about the open test system (OTS) available in the near future. We’ll get started with those and see where this thing goes from there.

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One response to “Welcome to the MeeGo QA-tools team blog

  1. kyranto December 13, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    Great. A team blog is a good idea!

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